Service of Holy Communion: 10am every Sunday

Dawn Communion on Easter Sunday

Saint Andrew’s offers a warm welcome to all who seek the love of God, the fellowship of others, and a place of peace and worship.

A service of Holy Communion is celebrated in English in the church every Sunday at 10am. Additional services are held for the Holy Days, e.g. Christmas, Ash Wednesday and Easter, and details will be posted here. Our services last about an hour, and though we don’t have childcare provision, we are always delighted to have children with us in worship.

We are an ecumenical congregation and often have visitors and pilgrims from a range of traditions, and our worship style reflects this diversity.

Through the liturgical seasons we are reminded that God is always active; through scripture readings, we join with our ancestors and fellow Christians today in discovering God’s presence in our world; and through sharing in the sacrament of Communion we are reminded that we are joined as part of Christ’s Body today and commanded by Christ to love one another as he loved us. Prayer is at the very heart of all we do together.